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85% of Hoosier employers struggle to meet their talent needs.1

Overwhelmingly, individuals look to their employers for guidance on additional education and training2, yet less than half of working-age Hoosiers have completed education or training beyond high school.3

The Talent Resource Navigator was built to bridge this gap: connecting individuals and employers with the relevant partners, programs, and practices that are best equipped to meet their workforce development needs.

About the Talent Resource Navigator

The Talent Resource Navigator is a free, web-based tool from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce that offers the convenience of one-stop shopping for education and job training opportunities. Supported by on-demand customer service and technical assistance, the Navigator intentionally guides and connects individuals and employers with a tailored set of talent development resources based on each user’s identified needs.

Navigator Goals

  • Collect, organize and disseminate vetted information on proven talent development strategies and practices.
  • Increase capacity for building robust talent pipelines across regions, industries and institutions in Indiana.
  • Grow the numbers of organizations and individuals that are actively and productively engaged in talent development.
  • Improve career-related education and training in Indiana by strengthening the feedback loop among business, education, community and government partners.

The Talent Resource Navigator is a program of the Institute for Workforce Excellence, a nonprofit subsidiary of the Indiana Chamber dedicated to helping Indiana better attract, develop and retain the Hoosier talent needed to drive a highly skilled and equitable workforce.

Navigator Content

The Talent Resource Navigator connects users to three main types of resources:


Organizations or entities working at the state, regional or local level that can assist employers or individuals with talent and workforce development.


A training program or related resource offered by a community partner, education institution, government entity, regional intermediary or other provider designed to meet a specific workforce need.

Promising Practices

A proven approach to talent/workforce development that has demonstrated a clear, positive impact for individuals, employers and the community and has the potential to be replicated or scaled statewide.

Navigator Features

Personalized Support

Our talent and training consultants are ready to help you find the most relevant workforce resources and connect you to vetted partners and programs that are equipped to meet your needs. On each page you have the ability to schedule a call to speak directly with a team member or send a message for fast and efficient answers electronically.

Community Reviews

Registered Navigator users have the opportunity to rate resources and offer testimonial feedback that can guide program improvement and strengthen the feedback loop between consumers and providers.

Talent Pipeline Assessment (For Employers)

Developed in partnership by a broad cross-section of business, community and education leaders, Talent Pipeline Assessments are available to help employers evaluate and benchmark their current talent development strategy against recognized best practices. When an assessment module is completed, the Navigator will suggest relevant resources based on your results to help further strengthen your organization’s talent pipeline. Additionally, we will proactively notify you as new resources aligned with your interests/needs are added to the Navigator in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

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